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I find these issues very tricky. The goal (in abstract terms) is to add functionality to navigation without risking that the user will destroy current work and/or get lost.

Generally speaking, I believe that it's always good to keep all interactions in the same window (in particular if browser windows are since they can "disappear" in the task bar). But power users will hate that.
On a side note: In order to avoid data loss, the "previous activity" button should have a confirm popup dialog.

I also like the distinction between looking at prior stuff and doing some activity. "Looking at" should rather just open a popup, since its data may be used for the current learning activity. But then, how could we figure out if the just wants to look or also edit (have a navigation popup with choices ?)

It gets trickier for activities where support activities (e.g. a wiki) plays an important role. Wiki can be both a writing and reading tool...

I guess I am confused, and the only half baked ideas I have for now are:
* redesign the progress bar to the left, i.e. make buttons visually more button-like (roll-overs) and maybe open a menu on each that let's the user decide what he wants to do.
* Implement tabs within LAMS ? Within each open tab, the user should quickly understand what he can do currently, i.e is he/she in the current/latest task, can s/he should look at prior work, is it prior work and can s/he re-edit....

Posted by Daniel Schneider

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