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Hi everyone,

IMHO, I have to agree with a number of observations...
1. the 'next activity' (whether an arrow or button) at the top right hand side of the page rather than the bottom is definitely something that has come up regularly...
2. and then a 'previous activity' on the top left hand side would balance the page aesthetically and functionally
3. if it is a pop up in a separate window it allows the user to refer back to/see the current activity
4. i'm not the programmer but I agree with Chris: I think from the learner's perspective having a separate window to refer back or add to previous activities (ie a chat, forum, vote, quiz etc) while being able to access current sequence position is preferable to having one window. Maybe one window from a programming reliability standpoint is better, but from a learning standpoint two windows makes more sense.
5. Daniel's comment that there is a risk that the user will destroy current work and/or get lost is extremely inmportant (back to the programmers).

And now for my addition to the discussion:

6. Maybe...(and this could be confusing if you are not a power user) a 'previous activity' arrow on the top left to balance a 'next activity' arrow on the top right HS. (Both arrows inside the current page interface)
If you click 'previous activity' arrow it actually takes you back to the previous button with all its editing functionality (read/write) BUT if you click on the previous activity from the progress nav bar on the far left, then a pop up just shows you what you previously did/wrote (read only). Does this make sense? Probably not possible from a programming POV but just putting it out there.



Posted by Debbie Evans

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