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1: Black Authoring Screen
By: Amy H
04/03/11 05:02 PM
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I'm having an issue with the appearance of Authoring and Preview in LAMS.
I'm running LAMS v. 2.3.4 integrated with Moodle v.1.9.4

My issue is that the Authoring Main Screen and the Timeline (when Previewing) is displaying differently on different computers . When editing Activity Content or students using the lesson, it displays normally.
At the moment, when I open Authoring the display is completely black. When I Preview my saved design, it displays correctly except for the timelines background which is black. I have tried this using both IE8 and Mozilla and both display the same.

On another computer, the display is black with ? instead of words (earlier that morning it was displaying correctly then when using it later in the day without changing or using any part of LAMS it changed. Using IE8.

On another computer, the display is normal. Using IE7 or IE8 or Firefox.

Please see images attached.

I have made some changes to the css files within LAMS, however I have searched for anything black and not been able to find anything.

I have no idea what is going on here and would very much appreciate any ideas.


Posted by Amy H

2: Re: Black Authoring Screen
In response to 1 04/03/11 05:49 PM
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Hi Amy,

Woow.. that black background is kinda nice ;-)

I think that is because flash must have incorrectly cached the file that defines the styling of the page.

Unfortunately, since these files are cached not by the browser but rather Flash, you need to take action in Flash:

Go to that link search for your LAMS domain website, select it and go "Delete website".

After that, reload the Author interface again and you should be good.

Let me know otherwise.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

3: Re: Re: Black Authoring Screen
By: Amy H
In response to 2 04/04/11 04:23 PM
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Thanks so much!
We've been trying to work this out for ages and your instructions were exactly right.
Thanks again.

Posted by Amy H

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