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1: Big blue button setup ?
03/27/12 07:28 AM
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After LAMS 2.4 is out I'd like to have full combo.

A few weeks ago I installed BigBlueButton (including a Red5) on my Linux Desktop. That wasn't very difficult.

Installing it on our LAMS server will be more difficult. BigBlueButton includes several servers (about five), including an nginx web server. The same machine also hosts Moodle which runs in a traditional Apache/PHP/MySQL setup.I therefore will have to change port numbers.

In addition, I am a bit worried about security. I don't care for data security but about hacking and abuse of server power.

And yeah, I don't do system administration for fun, just when I really have to. So I don't want to spend much time on this :)

Any of you guys run the full BigBlueButton combo on the same server as LAMS and have tips to share ? Or did you just buy a new dedicated machine (I'd do this, but right now it's not a good time for asking for new equipment).

- cheers ! - Daniel

Posted by Daniel Schneider

2: Is Big blue button available in LAMS demo server?
In response to 1 03/27/12 06:39 PM
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Hi Ernie,

Is Big blue button available in LAMS demo server?

Could we try it there?



Posted by Spyros Papadakis

4: Re: Is Big blue button available in LAMS demo server?
In response to 2 03/28/12 01:05 PM
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Hi Spyros,

We used to have a Big Blue Button server but the server died (hardware failure) not long ago.

Let me see if I can reinstall one for testing.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

3: Re: Big blue button setup ?
In response to 1 03/28/12 01:02 PM
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Hi Daniel et al,

Sorry for the delay in replying. My laptop has gone the way of the dodo late last week :-( On top of that trying to get installers for 2.4 and all the other regular issues :-)

Anyway, about Big Blue Button, you would probably need to change the nginx port. But if I'm correct, you can do this while you are installing it using their bbb-config scripts.

In terms of security, there are a few ports that need to be opened, so just modifying your iptables will do.

One really important thing is to add a security salt to prevent random people to use your server.

Also, I have encounter that their forum is very active. So perhaps it will be a good idea to get some advice from them directly before you start.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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