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1: New course page for LAMS!
08/28/13 02:40 PM
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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share some work we've done over the past few months in main course page in LAMS.

The original interface was a loooong page with a bunch of courses that would open and collapse on demand. In some cases, specially if you were part of many courses, this main page would take quite some time to load.

So we now have made it a bit prettier and add a few new interesting features.

First, the new layout is not longer constricted and it takes advantage of all the sides that we weren't using before.

As you can see the course list is now tabs on the left hand side and the course content occupies the main center of the screen.

When rolling over a lesson, you can see the icon actions that you are allow to click on (Monitor, Gradebook, Conditions, etc). All at one click and hidden when you are not rolling over the lessons.

Another interesting feature is the "one activity lessons". As part of the "Add lesson" button, there's an optional drop down menu where you can create one activity lessons very quickly.

For instance if you need a quick Chat in your course, you select the Chat tool..

Then complete the activity information for the chat (as you can see this is the same page as the Chat Authoring page)....

Hit save... and your one activity lesson will show up in your course page:

We'll be updating our demo site for you to experiment with these new feature shortly.

If you have any comments, please let us know here!



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

2: Re: New course page for LAMS!
In response to 1 09/14/13 02:35 AM
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Also it is possible in each course you are able to enable lesson sorting to see your lessons with order your prefer.

Posted by Spyros Papadakis

3: Re: Re: New course page for LAMS!
In response to 2 09/14/13 09:36 AM
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Hi Spyros,

Yes, by pressing the button here you'll be able to sort out the lessons:

Note that this feature is only available if you are Author or Monitor for this course.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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