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1: Can't start LAMS - MySQL Not Running
05/08/16 09:19 PM
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I went through the prerequisites and completed the installation but ran into the following error when trying to start LAMS: MySQL does not appear to be running - please make sure it is running before starting LAMS.

Some details:

1. When installing JDK I didn't change the path (unlike shown in the video tutorial) and it's in the Program Files folder (default location). When installing LAMS I located the folder manually.

2. I have XAMPP on my PC but when configuring MySQL for LAMS I stopped the services (previously started and using Port 3306). However, the service is enabled again on Windows startup. LAMS still didn't launch.

3. I have these lines below in my-default.ini file. Also, does it have to be renamed specifically to "my.ini"?


Question: How do I ensure MySQL is running? Is it through entering the password in the command line? First time using MySQL.


Posted by Atikah Mohamad

2: Re: Can't start LAMS - MySQL Not Running
In response to 1 05/26/16 10:52 PM
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Hi Aitkah,

I think if you use XAMPP, you can set it up so MySQL is added as a Windows service.

Once you select this option, go to Control Panel --> Services and make sure that MySQL is set to start automatically (rather than manually).

That should do.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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