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Hi Fiona!
Thanks for taking time to provide
a fast and thorough answer. And it
helps, absolutely.

As for the terminology I see the logic
and I understand your answer. And, I don't
have any other good solutions ;-)... I was just
thinking aloud about this in terms of usability
and aspects of user-friendliness. I suspect that
most of the LAMS end-user are not too familiar
with computer science and many of them won't want
to learn much about it either. So they are likely to
be confused and start discussing the use of language
something that you might want to avoid if promoting
the system trying to obtain teacher adoption.
This is not a pure teacher's world however. Teachers
are going to have share this world with ICT-specialists
and both have to broaden their ways of communicating
if you don't mind my saying so.

In order to understand LAMS more fully you need to
be familiar with things like computer science, online
development of Open Source projects and IMS Learning
Design. You also need to know what questions to ask
and where to look for answers. LAMS information is spread
in many places by now. These are general problems and
I don't have any good quick solutions to this either.
I think this may be a pedagogical issue of promoting
Information Literacy. Anyway it is not all that easy to
keep up with things, at least not to me. I'm just thinking
about how to spread the knowledge and get people

Thanks for clarifying things to me and poitning me in the
right directions. I will read, amongst other things,
the teacher manual.

Cheers, Anders

Posted by Anders Berggren

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