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In response to 15 01/18/07 09:15 AM
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Clear as mud diluted with clean water.

I guess everything is collected in the
LAMS database and consequently it can
be retrieved from there, one way or the
other. It makes sense to have different
interfaces, one in LAMS itself and another
in the LAMS/Moodle integration of course.

I would also expect that you can start LAMS
from within Moodle separately, automatically?
Anyway you can obviously also run LAMS only
at the same time using the same instance of
LAMS. LAMS v2 will however not start from
within Moodle, not in my system anyway. Normally
it takes a minute to start LAMS so maybe I
should wait. On the other hand there is no
indication of a start-up-process being initiated
from within Moodle so I am a bit confused, again.

Still can not create any LAMS v2 activities
in Moodle either.

"Could not add a new instance of lamstwo"

But you already knew that.


Posted by Anders Berggren

17: Problems starting lessons in Moodle
In response to 16 02/14/07 08:00 PM
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We've finally sorted out Anders' problem with starting lessons. Turns out the LAMS table (mdl_lamstwo) was missing from the database.

Don't know how it has happened as something must have gone wrong with the module installation, but if anyone else finds that they can create sequences but can't start lessons, then check for a table called mdl_lamstwo in your Moodle database.

If you don't have it, then try uninstalling and then reinstalling the LAMS 2.0 module, and if that doesn't work you may have to run the SQL in the mysql.sql file manually (ie the mysql.sql file in the lamstwo/db directory).


Posted by Fiona Malikoff

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