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1: .LRN Integration start dates form missing
01/15/08 09:02 AM
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When adding a sequence using .LRN integration, it says

"By pressing on the Start button you can begin the lesson straight away. You can also schedule the lesson to start at a particular date and time."

I don't see anyplace to type a date! Is this feature unfinished?

Posted by Dave Bauer

2: Re: .LRN Integration start dates form missing
In response to 1 01/15/08 03:33 PM
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Hi Dave,

As you might have seen in standalone LAMS, there's an option for scheduling a lesson to start in the future.

We do have this option in some integrations but they might not make a lot of sense, as in some LMSs you can't schedule the release of an item.

If the LMS does not provide this, LAMS could in a way handle this, but it will look a bit odd, as the LAMS item will be listed in the LMS course, but then when a user hit it, then it will come to LAMS and get an error message saying that this lesson hasn't been started yet.

In the case of .LRN specifically, you could add a time and date field to "release" the item in the lams-portlet after a specified time. It shouldn't be hard to add.

Are you guys interested in a time release feature?


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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