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1: Adding tld to tool
12/06/09 05:32 PM
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Hi everyone

I'm creating a new tool for LAMS. I want to add a jar/tld file for a new feature in my JSP files.

Reading the Taglib documentation, I noticed that tld files must be declared in the taglibs.xml file placed in the xdoclet folder.

What I don't know is where should I place the jar file or link it with the tld file.

Help please?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Felipe Peña

2: Re: Adding tld to tool
In response to 1 12/06/09 07:52 PM
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Hi Felipe,

You have three options here.

1) Put the taglib source in the tool's src folder and reference it as you would any class.

2) Put the jar in the tool's web-inf/lib directory

3) Put the jar in the lams.ear directory, then edit the lams.ear/MANIFEST.MF/application.xml as with other libraries to make sure jboss loads the jar on startup.

There are examples of how to do these steps in lams.tld files so you should be able to work it out from those.

Hope that helps.


Posted by Luke Foxton

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