Sequence: Biology HSC - EDUC261

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Sequence: Biology HSC - EDUC261
Keywords: Homeostasis

Run time: 30 - 40 mins

Delivery Mode: Can be in or out of class

Resources: Access to internet for studnets needed

Outline of Activities:
From the 9.2.1 BOS NSW syllabus outcomes:
Describe homeostasis as the process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment.
Explain that homeostasis consists of 2 stages: detecting changes from a stable state, and counteracting these changes.
Gather, process and analyse information from secondary sources and use available evidence to develop a model of a feedback mechanism.

Students will learn what homeostasis is, what feedback mechanisms are and develop their own model of a negative feedback mechanism using pixlr, will require searching online for examples.
It also has a short multiple choice at the end.

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