Sequence: Ergonomics - Class A - High School

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Sequence: Ergonomics - Class A - High School
Ergonomics: Find out how it makes life better

I design personalized student activities where ICT supports the students in taking responsibility for their learning (e.g. choice of learning style or topics), based on TIPS (Think-Pair-Share; Lyman, 1981) pedagogical practice to increase student participation and technology to manage their own learning outside and inside the classroom (Flipped-Blended Learning model).

Keywords: Ergonomics, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Monitor, Screen resolution

Runtime: 2 hours

Delivery Mode: Blended Learning - Flipped Classroom

Designing personalized student activities (activities according to needs of students: their interests, learning preferences, and styles – sound, images)

Resources: BBC,

Outline of Activities:

In this lesson, you will explore ...

    - What impact can the long-term use of the computer have on our health?
    - How should we shape our work environment to make it more enjoyable and relaxing?
    - What are the main features of the monitors?
  -  How can we properly adjust our screen to make it easier for us to work on the computer?

Intented Learning outcome(s)

By the time the students finish the course, they should be able to . . .
1) Describe what is being studied - what does "ergonomics"
2) Mention seven (7) "health-protection principles" when working with the computer
3) Describe four (4) things to take care not to tire our eyes from the computer screen
4) Explain what it is that we see on the "screen" of the computer
5) to distinguish the size from the screen resolution of a computer

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