Sequence: Bad Blends: An Introduction to Pharmacology (TBL)

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Sequence: Bad Blends: An Introduction to Pharmacology (TBL)
The Bad Blends TBL was created for biomedical science high school summer programs. It has been used for three years and was completed in two different settings. In one setting, it was delivered in two ninety-minute sessions over a two-week period. In was also delivered as one two-hour session. The first session included an introduction to basic pharmacology. The second session was the actual TBL activity. In both cases there were 25-30 students split into 5-6 teams. The intent was to introduce students to the TBL instructional strategy, as well encourage their interest and curiosity in health sciences.

- Dr. Sarah Lerchenfeldt

- Dr. Rodney Nyland

Keywords: Pharmacy,

Run time: 90 minutes

Delivery Mode:
  - TBL synchronous (in class -face-2-face, or online)

Outline of Activities: This is a Team Based Learning Lesson and it contains:

  - Individual Readiness Assurance Test (iRAT)
  - Team Readiness Assurance Test (iRAT)
  - 3 Application Exercises (AEs)
  - Student self-reflection

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