Sequence: Apollo 11 - Jigsaw Lesson

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Sequence: Apollo 11 - Jigsaw Lesson
A lesson on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon using the Jigsaw teaching strategy.

In this lesson we will explore the amazing voyage of the Apollo 11 Mission!

First, we will split you as per your regular Home team. Then, we will split the Apollo 11 lesson into 5 content units and each member of your Home team will be allocated to a content unit.

Second, each member of the Home teams will be then review their content unit allocated to them and afterwards discuss and summarise the content unit with other members of other home teams. So each member of your home team will become an "expert" on their respective content unit. 

Third, after the summary for each content unit is completed by the "expert teams", then you will come back to your home team where you will present and explain the content unit summary to the other members of your home team. 

Fourth, After each member of your home team presents the summary of their own content unit, we will all take a quiz on what we've learnt in the lesson. 

Keywords: Apollo 11 mission, Space exploration, Jigsaw, Science

Run time: 40 to 50 minutes

Delivery Mode: Online

Resources: Nasa pictures, photographs and websites

Outline of Activities:
Activity 1: Intro to Lesson (with Noticeboard tool).
Activity 2: Formation of Home teams (Grouping activity with settings so students can select the home team they belong to or you can have the teams pre-assigned).
Activity 3: Introduction to tasks and flow (with a Noticeboard tool). 
Activity 4: Formation of Expert teams (Grouping activity with 5 groups according to each "content area or chunk"
Activity 5: Branch students based on each Expert team
Activity 6 (in a branch): Share resources tool with resources (videos, book chapters, websites, etc) specifically for each content area/chunk (ie: Crew, Spacecraft, Preparations, Journey, Landing).
Activity 7: (in a branch): A collaborative document where each expert team can summarise their own "content chunk" and prepare to present it to their Home team (using a doKu activity)
Activity 8: A brief explanation on how sharing should occur when getting back to home teams (with a Noticeboard tool). 
Activity 9: A forum (grouped using the Home teams -not the Expert teams) for each member to share their Expert team summary with the members of their home team. We use a forum tool, but you can use a doKu, Zoom or any other synchronous collaborative tools in LAMS). 
Activity 10: A permission gate. Once that you believe the students have finished sharing among their own home teams, you can open this gate so students can proceed to the…
Activity 11: A quiz to assess all students on all the "content chunks". MCQ questions using the Assessment tool.

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