Sequence: heat -alarm with micro:bit

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Sequence: heat -alarm with micro:bit
A learning activity path of sequences that guide students to code a micro:bit controller to measure the temperature of a room and if is very high, then play a sound again and again. In this scenario, students must have to understand the improtance of a good algorithm before build the code and use the makecode platform for micro:bit to transform their algorithm to program that have to test it.
For this activity, we consider that students are familiar with make code environment.

Keywords: algorithm, code, micro:bit

Run time: 2 school hours

Delivery Mode: in class

Resources: Internet, makecode of microbit platform

Outline of Activities: to understand  the importance of an algorithm to the coding procedure.
                      to code the micro:bit

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Audience: High school
Subjects: Computer sciences Mathematics Physics Technology
Language: English
LAMS Version: 4.5
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Authored By:   Alexandros Parousinas
Date: 07 September 2021 03:35 PM
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