Sequence: The key of well-being at school - STE(A)M

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Sequence: The key of well-being at school - STE(A)M
This is a "welcome project" for Middle School, focus on well-being at school. The aim is to create a STE(A)M welcoming learning environment. It represents an extension of my previous project focused on Mathematics and Science, to the other STE(A)M disciplines, such as Technology, Engineering, Art, Music, Italian language.

Keywords: welcome project, origami, Mathematic, Science, Art, Music, Italian language.

Run time: about 10 hours in class and 3 hours out of the class

Delivery Mode: in class and at home

Resources: Come fare una scatolina origami utilizzando un foglio quadrato - YouTube (origami)

Outline of Activities:
To propose creative and reflective learning environment. The students learn by doing their key of well-being at school.

- Brainstorming on well-being at school
- Well-being mindmap
- Classification of the elements for well-being at school
- Euler-Venn set representation
- Statistical table and graph
- Construction of the simulated school of cardboard key
- Construction of the simulated school of paper boxes
- Description  of the phases of the construction of the box
- Construction of the cardboard simulated school
- Production of the nursery rhyme
- Production of  the rap song
- Evaluation of activities.

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Date: 14 September 2021 07:52 AM
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