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Subject: Logic (4)

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Βασικές αλγοριθμικές δομές στον προγραμματισμό  
Keywords: αλγοριθμικές δομές

Run time: 10 λεπτά

Delivery Mode: στο σπίτι

Resources: δεν απαιτούνται

Outline of Activities: ερωτήσεις πολλαπλής επιλογής ............................................................. ερωτήσεις πολλαπλής επιλογής ερωτήσεις πολλαπλής επιλογής

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Updated on: March 20, 2016

Μιχαήλ Νοχός
Critical Thinking  
Keywords:Critical Thinking, discussion

Subject: PHIL

Audience:University Students

Run time:about 40 min

Delivery Mode:Online

Resources:PHIL137 Lecture Notes

Outline of Activities:discussions, short answer questions

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Updated on: April 07, 2014

Jinglan Liu
Scientific Report Writing  
Keywords: EDUC261, Report Writing, Science,

Subject: Science

Audience: K-10

Run time: Approx 45 mins

Delivery Mode: In-class

Resources: No extra files required

Outline of Activities: Outcomes assessed:
Stage 4&5 Outcomes in new k-10 syllabus

A student:
presents science ideas, findings and information to a given audience using appropriate scientific language, text...

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Updated on: April 07, 2014

aris katsikis

Chance, probability




Stage 2

Run time:


Delivery Mode:




Outline of Activities:

-Consolidation of the language of chance through "chat and scribes"
-Then consolidation of comparing the likelihood of outcomes using examples of marbles in a bag and m&ms in a bag.

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Updated on: April 04, 2014

Joanne Thornley