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Sequence: Graduate Script Project
Graduate Script Project

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Authors: Dee Hughes, Bournemouth University

Context: Undergraduate Course

This is a final year module for a cohort of approx. 30 scriptwriting students about to begin their final undergraduate script project. The module runs for a single semester, ten weeks, and is the first time any of the students will have experienced TBL. The first five weeks are taught using TBL as outlined below, with the remaining time devoted to one-to-one tutorials once the writing process has begun. The intention is to promote the necessary discussion and application of scriptwriting skills in advance of the writing of their scripts and critical reflection.
Required Reading
On the attached document that lists the multiple-choice questions I have identified the pre-class reading text.

I allow three hours for each session. This time is for the completion of Irat/Trat, mini lectures, appeals and application exercise.

The module is designed to promote discussion of scriptwriting elements in advance of the writing of a script and the writing of a critical reflection of that script. Material Collection
Multiple Choice Questions
Application Exercises (PDF version)
Application Exercises (PPT version)


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Keywords: scriptwriting

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