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1: My Groups 2 levels is not enough
02/13/11 07:43 PM
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Hi Ernie,

The organization of My Groups in two level (Organization/Group and Subgroups)is not convenient for practitioners.

Three or more levels are necessary for a better organization of sequences.

If a LAMS server support more than one School you need

Level 1: School
Level 2: Classes
Level 3: Lessons


Level 1: School
Level 2: Classes
Level 3: Class-Group Number
Level 4: Lessons

Have you plan something like this in a future version of LAMS?

It is also necessary the possibility to copy and paste a subgroup to create another one with the same students but with another teacher (e.g. for another lesson)

Another issue is log files with Starting Date/time and duration of each activity per user.



Posted by Spyros Papadakis

2: Re: My Groups 2 levels is not enough
In response to 1 02/14/11 04:49 AM
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I think that agree.

1) Although I would favor "module" instead of "lesson" since it's a neutral term. Lesson often refers to something like a 2 hour class and that case a module could be shorter or longer than one physical lesson. Also, in blended teaching and distance teaching, "lesson" is not always meaningful. See for instance how Moodle handles this. Within a course you got weekly (lesson-based) vs. topic (module-based) vs. xxx organization.

2) Don't know about grouping (class-group number). One also could argue that this should be handled within the LAMS sequence. Just don't know :)

3) Level 3 (module/lesson) should not be mandatory, else interfaces with LMSs will become complicated and also some teachers may prefer a flat organization. No idea how to handle this ...

While we discuss features, there is also the class cloing issue, i.e. a teacher ought to able to create a new class as copy of prior class (like in most LMSs). Anyhow, not so important for me, since we use LAMS through Moodle basically.

- greetings - Daniel

Posted by Daniel Schneider

3: Re: Re: My Groups 2 levels is not enough
In response to 2 02/14/11 02:27 PM
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Hi Daniel,

I agree with the term module is more abstract and more suitable in non-formal and informal education but and in distance education.

Lesson is good term in formal education.

The term Class - Group Number denotes a big group of students supervised by different teacher/tutor.


In Secondary Education in Greece a typical High School usually have

Classes (A,B,C)
Group of Students (A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B4, ...) per Class
For each Group of Students there are lessons
(A1-Maths, A1-Sciense, A1-Geography, A1-Greek_Language ...) tought by different teachers

In the Hellenic Open University also there are

Modules per programme
Group of Students per module supervised by a tutor

Of course in each Group of Stuedents we could orginized activities with subgroups who should be handled within the LAMS sequence.

If we do not have these possibilities with LAMS it might be necessary to use it integrated with Moodle.
This might be offer a better organization of Lessons/Modules during a school or an academic year and lams sequence a better educationa process per lesson/module in a one or two classroom forma lesson or a one or two weeks study in a distance education form.

How doy you handle groups of students from Moodle to LAMS sequence? We had some problems in this issue at the momment.

How have you organized your lessons/modules in LAMS with different organizatios, classes, groups, lessons?



Posted by Spyros Papadakis

4: Re: Re: Re: My Groups 2 levels is not enough
In response to 3 02/15/11 11:09 AM
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Hi Spyros,

actually I am not very competent to take part in this discussion since we are really small scale LAMS users. The reason why I posted my message is that I never liked the word "group" instead of "class" in the LAMS server and the other one is that we do blended teaching and a lot of people who might be interested in LAMS also do so.

* We teach LAMS both in a master in educational technology and an continuous training e-learning certificate. I.e. our students create little LAMS sequences as part of their curriculum.
* I use for real, but just a single sequence in a social science methodology class (with 5-10 students)
* One nutritionist teacher uses LAMS in an applied university , so far one sequence with bugs ;)

Therefore I can't answer your questions in a meaningful way. We use LAMS through Moodle mostly, but so far we had really small classes.

Posted by Daniel Schneider

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