Sequence: Animal traits - Inductive learning

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Sequence: Animal traits - Inductive learning
This is an learning design example of Inductive learning based on Jennifer Gonzalez lesson (

This lesson aims to use inductive learning by giving students a set of animal cards and having them come up with a useful classification based on the animals' traits.

For further details:

1) Get animal cards (examples) for students to classify according to traits/characteristics what they think will be important for scientists to study. These is done in teams. 

2) Have students in teams classify the animals and define the criteria to do so. 

3) Have students write the generalisations and their classification hypothesis (ie: We are grouping animals by size allows scientist to measure animals' dietary needs and predict when our planet will run out of room.)

4) Once they submit their hypothesis and classification, let other teams of students see each others work and allow teams to give each other's feedback and rate their work. This is actually not in Gonzalez example, but this enhanced the inquiry process.

Keywords: Inductive learning, teaching strategies,

Run time: 30 to 40 minutes

Delivery Mode: Blended, online, classroom

Resources: 20 animal cards with their traits

Outline of Activities:

1) Introduction to the activity [Noticeboard]

  A simple introduction to the tasks ahead.

2) Team grouping

  In this case, we set 4 randomly allocated teams. But you can choose any criteria you prefer.

3) Presentation of the cards and classification [doKu]

  We present the 20 animal cards and ask the students to choose a criteria to classify animals that they believe would be most useful for scientists to study animals. After they create their classification, justify their criteria and define their labels, they will begin the gallery walk -where they will be able to see other teams' classification criteria, provide comments to other teams and rate each teams' work.

Afterwards, we suggest teachers (as facilitators) have a discussion with all teams where they review each teams' classification criteria as well as their feedback

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