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Subject: Statistics (6)

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Στατιστική - Βασικές Έννοιες  
Στο συγκεκριμένο μάθημα, δίνονται οι βασικές έννοιες της Στατιστικής για την διδασκαλία της §4.1 στα μαθηματικά Β γυμνασίου.
Keywords : statistics, mathematics

Run time: 45 min

Delivery mode:out of class activity (presentation of theory) and feedback in classroom, exercises with students
Resources: no extra files required

Aim: students get familiar with basic statistics

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Updated on: March 20, 2018

Vasiliki Riga
Probability EDUC261 5.0 stars
Keywords: probability for primary and middle school students

Run time: appox 40 mins

Delivery Mode: online lesson

Resources:learning and video

Outline of Activities: probability teaching

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Updated on: April 11, 2016

mengrou ying
Probability - EDUC261  
Keywords: probability and real life examples

Run time: appox 40 mins

Delivery Mode: online

Resources: images and video online

Outline of Activities: students are taken through examples of learning technology in LAWS

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Updated on: April 04, 2016

mengrou ying
Citizenship TAGKALAKH EFH 4.0 stars
Keywords: creative writing,description

Run time: 1-1.5 hours

Delivery Mode: in class or out of class activity

Resources: no extra files required

Outline of Activities: Discussion in small groups

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Updated on: March 18, 2016

Keywords: Probability, events, outcomes

Subject: Mathematics

Audience:Year 7 Students

Run time:Approx 40 mins

Delivery Mode: Online


Outline of Activities: Takes through a number of multiple choice sections, tests and outsource information

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Updated on: April 07, 2014

Luke Dibden

Chance, probability




Stage 2

Run time:


Delivery Mode:




Outline of Activities:

-Consolidation of the language of chance through "chat and scribes"
-Then consolidation of comparing the likelihood of outcomes using examples of marbles in a bag and m&ms in a bag.

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Updated on: April 04, 2014

Joanne Thornley